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Sales Plan 
Highest Profits
Selling Price
      (all products)      
Profit Per Bag
Regular Coffee
Flavored Coffees
Other Beverages
Free Shipping
Free Shipping will only apply to quanities over
50 Bags. Below this tier regular ship rates will apply

Highlights of Plan

Highest Profits Available
Higher Profits than Competitors Programs
For groups looking for Free Shipping
Competitively Priced with Grocery Stores

* Variance of Profit %'s is due to the actual # of
Bags of Coffee -vs-other Beverages Purchased

Shipping Information
If you have your own shipping company or a shipping account set up with UPS or Fed Ex that you would like to use let us know and we will be glad to try and work something out with them.

If you would like us to Custom Quote your shipping cost prior to submitting your order please
contact us and we will be more than happy to get you a current rate.

Private Labeling Policy
We do not offer private labeling.
We don’t want our products to come across as a novelty item like most fundraisers.
We want the customers to know they are purchasing a quality product from a quality company.
We will though work with any groups that have this request to come up with the best possible option.
Ask us about naming your own coffee!
Ex. : XYZ Elementary "JUMPIN' JAVA Roast!"

fedex ground


United States Post Office


# of Participates
# of Bags Sold
by each seller

Profit per Bag

Total Profit
Reg. Coffee Selling Price of $12.00 Per 12oz Bag
We Can Set Up Customized Pricing for any Group!

Incentive / Profit Building
New Profit
Sell more than 250 Items
Sell more than 500 Items
*Use the discount for rewards, prizes, etc.

Products Being Received

You will receive a 12oz bag of Ground Coffee, Flavored coffee, Hot Chocolate, or French Vanilla Cappuccino in our signature gusseted bags.

Cafe D'Vita Beverages will arrive in a 19oz Can.

Whole Bean Coffees are available if requested.

We have found that 93% of the orders that are placed are placed as Ground Coffee which indicates that most households do not have grinders. For the ease of distribution back to the participates and customers offering just Ground Coffee seems to have just made things easier on the groups. So, do not pass up a sell if Whole Bean is requested, we will fulfill the order.

 Program Details
We'll help you get off to a great start and provide you with all the materials you’ll need. Just let us know how many participants are in your group and we'll send you plenty of beautiful Color Brochure Order Forms with your Master Information Packet.

From the Master Order Form we'll package your order so distribution will be a snap! And Quick too! We roast to order so your coffee is always fresh. Your order will leave out warehouse within 7-9 days and arrive to you in only 9-12 days from the day we receive the Master Order Form!

No up front purchases.

Participant collects money when order is accepted.

Organization will have their profit before any funds are sent to K&S Enterprises.

Program manager compiles all orders onto Master Order Form and verifies collections.

Program manager to Fax or E-Mail Master Order Form to K&S Enterprises for order processing.

Program manager will send in one check within 2 days of faxing/e-mailing the Master Order Form. No orders will ship until total amount due is paid in full. 

All orders will be divided up by the category of blends, roast, and mixes for easy distribution.
All orders are custom roasted for freshness. We don't roast your coffee until we receive your order.

fedex ground


United States Post Office


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